Lauren was the founder of Call the Collective, an organisation that spent years pro-actively mastering product cocreation and open innovation processes, structures and networks. This organisation evolved into The Collective Organisation, a platform to share solutions to the human and structural challenges that have arisen from innovating across boundaries. 

She has successfully set up and led large scale process cocreations, including a national project involving more than 80 cocreators and 200 outputs. 

She is involved a tech startup product cocreation in the education industry as a co-founder. 

Lauren has been an author/ speaker /coach in the fields of entrepreneurship and new venture creation. 

She enjoys researching and writing on the topics of cocreation, open innovation &  innovation hubs and produces content on these topics regularly. 

She has a niche following of cutting edge innovators including CEO’s, COO’s, Innovation Heads, Product Heads, Strategy Heads, Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Talent Heads and Innovative  Experts from around the world who also share their insights. 

Lauren is known as a non-conformist and well-liked disruptor

She currently works on a contract basis as your Innovation Head or Head of Innovative Projects, including new product and process development as well as setting up or improvement of open innovation ecosystems. 

Lauren Fleiser